Anyone visiting the International Meccano Model Show in June might have been aware that stand-up comedian and TV presenter Susan Calman, along with a film crew, paid the show a visit on the first day. This was for series 2, episode 1 of Susan Calman’s Grand Week by the Sea for Channel 5.

The first I knew of this was when I got back to my table to find two people from the production company wanting to speak to me. Apparently, Susan is a big Doctor Who fan and they had spotted my Daleks. It’s pure chance that I was wearing a Doctor Who tee shirt at the time!

When she came along to the SELMEC table she stopped as if she’d just spotted the Daleks. We chatted for something like ten minutes. This was edited down to a mere 20 seconds!

Susan Calman talking to Chris Warrell
Susan Calman talking to Chris Warrell

SELMEC did quite well out of the filming with a number of members models featured or getting a close up shot. Even our club banner was seen as she turned the corner. We saw models by Guy Loveridge, John Clifton, Greg Clarke and Tim Surtell. It probably helped that we were located near the stage on the first island.

Other modellers who had an on-screen chat with Ms Calman were show organiser Richard Payn, Steve Briancourt with his Penny Falls game and Guy Kind with his Elton John model. They got somewhat more than 20 seconds, but the whole item lasted just 3½ minutes — they had to make time in the programme for Susan to visit Butlins, a B&B and a seal sanctuary amongst other things.

The finished programme aired at 8:00pm on Monday 1st August. It got a reasonable write-up from the TV critics.

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