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Blaw Knox ‘Super 12’ Motor Grader

This article from the July 1960 issue of Meccano Magazine gives an overview of the features and capabilities of the real-life ‘Super 12’ Grader and explains how Alan Wenbourne meticulously reproduced these features in his 1½ inch to 1 foot scale Meccano model.

Dennis Magirus Turntable Ladder Fire Engine

Roy Goswell builds a fire engine model dedicated to his late father who served on this type of appliance for over 30 years, including during the Blitz of London.

Before Your Very Eyes!

Robin Schoolar builds a fast rotating drum that constantly changes colour. Can you figure out how it works?

The Advantages of Vintage Lego Technic as a Gateway to Meccano

Lego fan Luka Kralj-Taylor encourages you to introduce young potential Meccano enthusiasts to Lego Technic, as a gateway to the wonderful world of Meccano, by way of the Expert Builder line of sets introduced by Lego in 1977.


Susan Calman visits Skegness as part of her Grand Week by the Sea series and looks in on the International Meccano Model Show, meeting Chris Warrell from SELMEC and several other well-known Meccano modellers.

The Allwyrm Limited Slip Differential

An improved Torsen T1 differential invented by Alan Wenbourne.

Triple Differential Drive Steer Transmission

Alan Wenbourne describes his model of the Merritt-Brown TN.12 transmission, as used in the Churchill, Centaur, Cromwell and Comet battle tanks.

Racing Obstacle Game

Avoid obstacles as you steer your accelerating car along a moving track in Brian Leach’s game of skill!

Pegasus Rolling Lift Bascule Bridge

Alan Wenbourne models the Scherzer rolling bridge which spans part of the Caen Canal in Normandy, France.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self-Powered Cart

Was this the first car? Here is Alan Wenbourne’s interpretation of a fascinating contraption sketched out by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1478.