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A Special Meccano Set for Ethiopia

Viv Endecott helps street children learn science by sending them a Meccano outfit.

Dear Cathy

Cathy Warrell comments on Tim Surtell’s Meccano spice rack.

1970s Meccano Set Videos on YouTube

Brian Leach builds models from each of the 1970s set manuals.

Upon Not Finding a Socket Near Your Table!

Les Chatfield shows how you can convert a drill battery charger to run your models.

Meccano Drill Bit

Michelle O’Brien sources a 4.1mm bit that’s just right for making Meccano holes.

Motor Mayhem

Michelle O’Brien salvages the motors from sewing machines and paper shredders.

Compact Six Speed and Reverse Gearbox

Alan Wenbourne explains his modifications to a gearbox designed by Tony Bolton.

Dear Cathy

John Gay tells Cathy Warrell about alternative uses he’s found for Meccano.

Non-Meccano Sprockets

Michelle O’Brien discovers MFA/Como Drills’ range of timing pulleys and belts.

Meccano Repairs

Some practical uses for Meccano parts in the home from Cathy Warrell.