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Robotic Dockside Crane

This model from Allen Berman is powered by Lego Mindstorms motors and a NXT controller.

Industrial Railway

An award-winning 1:16 scale model of a locomotive and rolling stock by Brian Elvidge.

“Big Hog” Bucyrus Erie 3850 Giant Stripping Shovel

Greg Clarke describes his model of the Bucyrus Erie 3850.

The Metal Robots Collection Review

Brian Elvidge reviews a series of three modern kits from Meccano.

James May’s Toy Stories Review

Chris Warrell reviews the TV series and reports from the tie-in toy fair in London.

You Say “Meccanno”, I Say “Meccarno”

Which one’s right? Francis Paine has discovered the definitive answer!

Consider Your Bearings

George Foard on creating sturdy bearings for rods and lubricating them.

Liebherr LTM 1220 220 Ton Mobile Road Crane

Greg Clarke describes his richly detailed model of this 220 ton road crane.

The Heatherwick Rolling Bridge

A unique blend of engineering and sculpture modelled by Alan Wenbourne.

Level Luffing Port Crane

Brian Elvidge provides building notes for a 1931 model crane.