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You Say “Meccanno”, I Say “Meccarno”

Which one’s right? Frank Paine has discovered the definitive answer!

Consider Your Bearings

George Foard on creating sturdy bearings for rods and lubricating them.

Liebherr LTM 1220 220 Ton Mobile Road Crane

Greg Clarke describes his richly detailed model of this 220 ton road crane.

The Heatherwick Rolling Bridge

A unique blend of engineering and sculpture modelled by Alan Wenbourne.

Level Luffing Port Crane

Brian Elvidge provides building notes for a 1931 model crane.

Meccano Restoration

Allen Berman’s seven steps to parts that are as good as new.

The Meccano Braced Girder

A short history of our club’s adopted symbol by Chris Warrell.

Fairground Dive Bomber

Alan Wenbourne describes his changes to this GMM Supermodel.

Meccano Bagatelle Table Rebuild

Keith Patey describes the changes he has made to Geoff Wright’s model game.

A Clutch of Differentials

A selection of Torsen differential designs from Alan Wenbourne.