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SELMEC is a responsible organisation and we will never use your personal details for purposes unrelated to the running of the club or website, nor will we ever disclose them to any third party. We hate spam e-mail just as much as you do!

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Data collection

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This website keeps a log of significant actions taken by users, such as the posting of messages, logging into Member Services, and editing records. This log will identify visitors who provide a name or e-mail address, but may only be used by administrators when they are doing a security audit, troubleshooting, or moderating content.

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You may request that your own personal SELMEC e-mail address be set up for your use either as a mailbox or as a forwarder to your current e-mail address. Such e-mail addresses, and any additional paid-for services related to them that you may require, are administered separately by Tim Surtell on behalf of the club. All correspondence and requests for support relating to SELMEC e-mail addresses should be directed to Tim Surtell.

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