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Hand-Generator Car

A dynamo-powered car built by Brian Elvidge and inspired by Nigel Pope.

Motors! Motors! Motors!

Old video and tape recorders in your attic can yield useful motors, says George Foard.

The Crazy Inventor Sets Review

Peter Clay reviews three quirky Meccano sets — Helicopter, Walking Steam Boat, and Airship.

Hints & Tips № 8 — Straightening Meccano Angle Girders

“Impossible”, I hear you mutter, “What’s he on about now? ” Well, it’s difficult, but in many cases straightening a bent angle girder can be done using the technique described in this article.

Hints & Tips № 7 — the Bright Lights

For dressing up any model that has been made for visual effect coloured lights are unbeatable. Here are some tips for painting your own using Tamiya clear acrylic paint.

Hints & Tips № 6 — Polishing Aeroplane Constructor Bolts

An easy way to polish Aeroplane Constructor bolts against a cloth with a little chrome cleaner.

Hints & Tips № 5 — Centering a 4x4 Module on Meccano Plates

This ‘transfer plate’ solution allows a 4x4 hole module to be joined to plates that have a central hole and are an odd number of holes long and wide.

Hints & Tips № 4 — the Power of String

Applying violin bow rosin along a string to give ample grip on pulleys, even when the string is quite slack.

Hints & Tips № 3 — Bending Strips Without a Bending Machine

This tip picked up from that renowned panel beater Bob Brooker some years ago for bending strips seems to work quite well — almost as well as a good bending machine.

Hints & Tips № 2 — Cleaning Tarnished Zinc Plated Parts

A method for cleaning zinc plated strips and other parts that are looking a bit old and jaded.