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Twenty Years of the Secretary’s Challenge

Chris Warrell celebrates the first 20 years of the Secretary’s Challenge with a look at some of the ideas that have been tried out to fulfil our Challenges.

Nile Barrage Lifting Bridge at Assuit

Alan Wenbourne builds a 1:40 scale working model of the lifting bridge at Assuit in Egypt, which forms part of the Nile barrage system.

The Story of My Hummer

Alan Wenbourne describes the process of developing his 1:6 scale model Hummer vehicle, including his invention of an improved alternative design for a Torsen-type differential.

Digital Command Control for Meccano

Les Chatfield explains how this model railway system can be adapted to control Meccano models such as cranes — using just a single wire to control multiple motors!

Mini-Version London Eye

Alan Wenbourne describes the construction of his dual-scale working model of the iconic London landmark.

Cletrac Controlled Differential Steering System

Alan Wenbourne builds a model demonstrating the Cletrac Controlled Differential Steering System, or ‘a crawler with a steering wheel’.

The Ultimate Meccano Storage System?

Alan Wenbourne describes his multi-drawer metal filing cabinet storage system.

A Little More Mathematics for Meccano

Discover how to apply Ptolemy’s Theorem, which applies to quadrilaterals (shapes with four sides) that have all four corners lying on the same circle, to the building of a tapering tower with cross-bracing in your models with this guide by Richard Marsden.

Solution to NZFMM Magazine Puzzle № 2

Alan Wenbourne describes a spur gear train using metal Meccano factory gears that will produce an output of 3.14 turns for an input of one revolution to two decimal places.

Daleks in Meccano

Doctor Who fan Chris Warrell showcases a variety of Dalek models that have been built with Meccano over the years, including his own set of four.