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Daleks in Meccano

Doctor Who fan Chris Warrell showcases a variety of Dalek models that have been built with Meccano over the years, including his own set of four.

The Jugger-Nauticus

This latest addition to Santiago Plicio’s fleet of model ships sees him continue to evolve his development of curved hulls.

Cantilever Bearings

Les Chatfield describes his construction of a heavy-duty bearing, inspired by a Bert Love design, used to support heavy overhanging loads such as the arms of a fairground ride.

The Barracuda

One of a fleet of three ships built by Santiago Plicio for our Harbour Secretary’s Challenge.

Nuts, Bolts and Meccano

Richard Marsden on the standardisation of bolts, the evolution of Meccano fixings, and going metric.

Meccasaur Review

Brian Leach reviews the Meccasaur not quite finding its way to your local store!

Recalling ‘Fireside Fun’

Richard Marsden tells the story of Meccano Magazine’s jokes and puzzles page.

Mathematics for Meccano

Gear ratios, Pythagorus’ theorum, pi, and the golden ratio demystified by Richard Marsden.

3D Printing for Meccano

Richard Marsden uses his 3D printer to create the useful parts that Meccano never made.

SELMEC Snapshots: 2010s

Part 5 of a photographic look back at nearly 40 years of the club’s history.