Les Chatfield


Cantilever Bearings

Les Chatfield describes his construction of a heavy-duty bearing, inspired by a Bert Love design, used to support heavy overhanging loads such as the arms of a fairground ride.

Digital Command Control for Meccano

Les Chatfield explains how this model railway system can be adapted to control Meccano models such as cranes — using just a single wire to control multiple motors!

Upon Not Finding a Socket Near Your Table!

Les Chatfield shows how you can convert a drill battery charger to run your models.

Event reports

Brighton Modelworld 2013

Brighton Modelworld 2014

Royal Greenwich Together 2021

This jam-packed day with entertainment and activities from around the globe, including our Meccano display and Make It With Meccano workshop, celebrated the fact that we could finally be together again!


0–4–0 Saddle Tank Locomotive
0–6–0 Saddle Tank Locomotive
4 Stroke Engine
4 Stroke Petrol Engine
Admiralty Type 4 Fluke-Less Anchor
Back Gear Lathe
Ball Mill
Ball Roller
BBC Microphone
Beam Engine
Beam Engine
Bristol Propeller Aeroplane Engine
Bus Stop
Cement Mixer, Wheelbarrow and Shovel
Centrifugal Fan
Children’s Roundabout
Collapsible IPod Stand
Donald Trump’s Lecturn
Drill Press
Electric Beam Engine
Electric Truck
Elevator Loader
Engine Hoist with V8 Engine
Fairey Rotodyne Gyroplane
Fire Engine
Flatbed Lorry
Flywheel Motor and Governor
Fordson Tractor
Funicular Railway
G Gauge Girder Bridges
G Gauge Locomotive
Gantry Crane
Garage Crane
Goods Yard Crane
Goods Yard Crane
Grand Piano
Horwich Works 0–4–0ST Shunter “Wren”
Inverted Beam Engine
Inverted Steam Engine
Lazy Tongs
Locomotive and Wagon
London Underground Map Section
Lower Quadrant Semaphore Signal
Magic Motor Racer
Mignet Pou-De-Ciel
Millennium Falcon
Mini Moke
Mini Sikorsky R-4 Helicopter
Mobile Phone Camera Dolly
Much Modified E15R Motor
One Wheeled Vehicle
Outboard Motor
Paint Mixer
Patiala State Monorail Train
Peco Goods Yard Crane
Ping Pong Pandemonium
Plate and Strip Bending Tool
Powered Hacksaw
Powered Hacksaw
Propeller Aeroplane
Ransomes MG2 Crawler Tractor
Ransomes MG2 Crawler Tractor
Roller Skate
Rotating Meccano Display Sign
Ruston Proctor 1841 Steam Navvy
Self Portrait
Sentinel Y1 0–4–0 VBT Shunting Engine
Series I Land Rover
Shaping Machine
Signal Box
Sikorsky R-4 Helicopter
Single Stroke Engine
Snow-Trac Car
Solenoid Engine
South East and Chatham Railway Crane Tank Locomotive
South-Seeking Chariot
Stationary Railway Gantry Crane
Stationary Upright Steam Engine
Steam Engine
Steam Locomotive
Steam Tug “Hercules”
Steam Workshop
Stuart Steam Engine
Sussex Post Mill
Table Saws
The AntiVirus Ball Roller
The Great Panjandrum
The Surrey with the Fringe on Top
Tower Crane
Tower Crane
Tracked Vehicle
Traction Engine
Traction Engine
Traction Engine, Goods Van and Water Cart
Variable Speed Drive Mechanism
Vertical Steam Engine
Voyager 2 Spacecraft
Wickham Trolley and Trailer
Workshop Gantry Hoist
X-Wing Fighter
“Bristol Bulldog” Fighter Plane
“Mamode” Model Toy Steam Engine
“Sporting Meccanitians” Cricket Scene
“Tich” Locomotive