Brighton Modelworld 2014

Friday 21 February 2014 – Sunday 23 February 2014
Brighton Centre

A kind man with a van helped me get my models to this year’s Modelworld, so I was able to show a larger selection of my models. These included:

  1. A Meccanograph
  2. The newly completed Sikorsky R-4 helicopter model
  3. Several small ‘workshop’ models including a lathe and two power saws
  4. K-9 and a small radio controlled car which once again the children loved driving
  5. The ‘Airfix’ beam engine and a portable engine
  6. A range of fairground models I built on commission to a local model shop, including a small Ferris wheel and swing boats
  7. My new model of a tower crane with full remote control

The exhibition ran over three days from 21st to 23rd February at the Brighton Centre. I was there early to get set up and wired up then we were ready for the off.

Fortunately I was near one of the entrances so my stand was one of the first people saw, so I was kept busy chatting to many, many, many visitors. This was to be the case for for the three days. I particularly enjoyed talking to the children who took a great interest in my chopper and tower crane. Little did I know that my stand was also attracting the attention of the local newspaper, The Argus.

On the second day I was approached by a reporter who asked for some details about my Meccanograph and at the time I did not realise the reason for his interest. However a few days later he contacted me again to arrange an interview and home photoshoot, and the article appeared in the newspaper the following week.

Les Chatfield and his models featured in the 8th March 2014 issue of The Argus
Les Chatfield and his models featured in the 8th March 2014 issue of The Argus

Guy Loveridge was also exhibiting with his fine LMS pacific loco and tender which also attracted a good deal of interest from the crowds.

The third day dawned and was busier than ever, and I was checked by an official who thought that the Meccanograph drawings I was handing out were being sold by me. I explained that my trusty pattern sketcher had produced about 250 patterns so far and if I did not give them away I would be thigh deep in them. He laughed and went on his way.

Over the three days Guy and I had a terrific time and I am eagerly looking forward to next year. I was absolutely worn out, but would not miss it for the world… If I had had 500 Meccano sets I could have sold the lot as so many people kept asking where they could purchase it.

Enormous fun.

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