Limited Parts List Challenge — New Zealand

In January 2003 our Secretary’s Challenge was to build models from a limited range of parts.

Members of New Zealand’s MWT Meccano Club also took up the challenge, resulting in the six models presented below.

Brief building instructions for the featured models were included in the December 2004 issue of NZFMM Magazine.


Built by Daryl Anderson.

Turn the brass handle at the top to run.

  • Bolts to bumper arm.
  • Drive shaft to table.
  • Friction drive onto face plate and table.
  • Pivoting pen holder.
  • Counterweight of remaining parts.

Rotation in Two Planes

Built by Lou Nichols.

  • Face plate etc. rotate in horizontal plane.
  • 5½” flexible plate revolves like aeroplane propeller in vertical plane.

Thread Twister

Built by Hugh Ramage.

Twists two cords together by the revolving face plate. Tension is maintained by the hook and spring on the mast.


Built by Robin Rye.

As a Caterpillar fan, Robin has got most of the features of the prototype represented.

Horizontal Steam Engine

Built by Lloyd Spackman.

Turn the Crank Handle and the model operates.

Taranaki Hedge Cutter

Built by Alistair Tong.

This hedge cutter is loosely based on Butler’s machine which used to cut boxthorn hedges on our family farm.

The unit was based in Inglewood and good film footage of it in use is currently shown at Pukeariki Museum in New Plymouth.

It works on a 16’ spinning flail which winds up to a whistling speed and cuts up to 4” thick branches.

The model has a seat, steerable front axle, and the flail has two loose fishplates which hit the table to give the sound effect.

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