Meccano Model Exhibition 1979

Saturday 29 September 1979
Eltham United Reformed Church

I am sure there is no need to tell you that our first exhibition was a huge success. All our members attended as well as visiting exhibitors from three other clubs. 177 children and 189 adults saw the models and of those sixteen asked to become members. The exhibition was also a financial success; we made £20.15 — not bad considering that we could easily have made a loss.

Models on Display

The models from SELMEC members were as follows:

Ike Ascher — Four models of steam engines; James Watt’s double beam engine; Double acting, single beam engine by the same engineer; Overtype steam engine and boiler; Vertical steam engine.

Adrian Ashford — London Fire Engine; Formula 1 racing car.

Neil Bedford — Eight wheeled mobile crane; Fork lift truck.

Neil Bedford with mobile crane
Neil Bedford with mobile crane

Stan Bedford — Electric dockside crane; Small Meccanograph.

Peter Clay — Level-luffing crane; Vintage car.

Geoff Davison — Electric tram; Beach buggy; Container lorry; Antitank gun.

Geoff Davison’s tramcar
Geoff Davison’s tramcar

Eddie Oatley — Level-luffing grab crane.

Eddie Oatley with level-luffing grab crane
Eddie Oatley with level-luffing grab crane

Frank Palin — Hammerhead crane (from Crane kit); Formula 1 racing car (set 3 model); Federation Interceptor (Space 2501 kit); Meccanoid model (Meccanoids set).

Joyce and Eric Schoolar — Lifting bridge; Half track.

David Smithers and John Adams — Ancient and modern model workshop; Meccanograph.

John Adams’ Meccanograph
John Adams’ Meccanograph

Chris Warrell — Glasgow Subway Motor Coach; Mini car.

David Whitmore — Darby-Savage digging machine; Tractor; Grasshopper steam engine.

David Whitmore with his Darby-Savage digging machine
David Whitmore with his Darby-Savage digging machine

Two ‘lone’ enthusiasts who later joined the club also exhibited models:

Fred Pragnell — Estate car; Obsolete Meccano parts.

John Thorpe — Gas main examination buggy.

Members visiting from other clubs were as follows:

Greenford Meccano Society

David Pye — Square drawing Meccanograph.

Geoff Pollock — Mechanical man.

There was also an excavator and one or two smaller models but I failed to obtain the name of the builder.

Wellingborough and District Meccano Club

Models from this club included a fire engine, gear train demonstration model, ramp-rung ball machine, aeroplane from plastic Meccano and a musical machine.

Henley Society of Meccano Engineers

The only representative from this club was Nick Rodgers of Weybridge who brought a 16’ model of a transporter bridge which filled the entire width of the stage.

The exhibition was received very well with the local press with a 2/3 spread on page 2 of the Kentish Independent and a single picture plus caption on page 3 of the Kentish Times.

Cutting from the <em>Eltham Times</em>, 4th October 1979
Cutting from the Eltham Times, 4th October 1979
Cutting from the <em>Kentish Times</em>, 4th October 1979
Cutting from the Kentish Times, 4th October 1979

Thanks are due to the irreplaceable tea ladies, Mrs. Bedford, Mrs. Davison and Mrs. Warrell, who efficiently looked after the refreshments throughout the day.

A final thank you to all the club members who attended and made the exhibition possible.

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