Meccano Model Exhibition 1981

Saturday 10 October 1981
Eltham United Reformed Church

On Saturday 10th October 1981 the SELMEC held its third annual Meccano exhibition at the Sherard Hall, Eltham. This year we managed to arrange with the hall Secretary for us to set out tables etc. on the eve of the exhibition but, as fate would have it, the caretaker knew nothing about this when about half-a-dozen members arrived, armed with almost a dozen tables from the Salvation Army Hall! Luckily he allowed us to go ahead which saved us quite some time on Saturday morning.

It may be that people are building smaller models, but there did not appear to be as many at this exhibition compared to previous years. We only just managed to fill the hall even with the usual support from other clubs. Since only about three people filled in their forms, I have no record of the majority of models on show so the list that follows is compiled using my memory — and camera!

Models on Display

Adrian Ashford — Fire engine; 0–6–0 pannier tank locomotive.

Stan Bedford — Large cabin monoplane mounted on tower; Spiral Meccanograph.

Neil Bedford — Large tipper lorry; Ping pong ball machine.

Paul Bedford — Dockside crane from French Meccano crane kit; Sports car.

Geoff Davison — Selection of small models; Articulated flat bed truck; Ford Bronco service vehicle; Military tractor and field gun.

Christopher Grylls — Small hand-operated chair ride.

Bryn Jones — Twin cylinder vertical steam engine.

Brian Leach — Tower crane.

Brian Leach (left) and his tower crane, with junior club member Neil Carter
Brian Leach (left) and his tower crane, with junior club member Neil Carter

Bill Lovell — Army personnel carrier.

Les Maher — Rear twin differential for large lorry.

Eddie Oatley — 10 ton Kangaroo crane (as used in a power station).

Frank Palin — Super Highway Kit bulldozer; Highway Kit side-tipping lorry; Single flyboats (Super Model № 33).

Fred Pragnell and Garry Douglas — Dredger (Super Model № 5).

Joyce and Eric Schoolar — Swing Bridge.

David Smithers — Coles crane mounted on Austin K6 chassis as used by the RAF during the war; Stationary steam engine.

Roy Thompson — Breakdown lorry; Small stationary steam engine.

Chris Warrell — Railway breakdown crane based on Super Model № 30; London tram.

John Westwood — Gladstone pottery museum model.

David Whitmore — Traction engine.

Other clubs were represented by:

Holy Trinity Meccano Club

Bill, Wynne and Peter Roberts — Mechanical coach and horses; American World War II half-track; Bi-plane.

Wellingborough and District Meccano Club

Terry Pettitt — Leyland PLSC1 single deck bus.

West London Meccano Society

Nick Rodgers — Lorry transport fleet; Church; Gantry crane from his model village.

David Nye — Tracked articulated lorry.

Ron Stutter — Helicopter on arm with counterweight; Demonstration model of Walschaerts valve gear (for a steam locomotive).

Geoff Pollock — Walking robot (Stokys).

In addition to the models some people were actively engaged in selling Meccano; John Westwood and John Barnes from our own club, Nick Burgess from Wellingborough and, of course, Geoff Pollock who was selling mainly Stokys. I hope I have not left anyone out; if I have please accept my apologies.

The attendance was down slightly but the show was still a success financially (just), and also from a publicity aspect we had a couple of good write-ups in local papers and even a picture of your President and Secretary on the front page of one of them: They managed to get most of the facts wrong as usual, though. A few people asked for details about the club so we may have some more members at the next meeting.

Many thanks to the refreshment ladies, Ivy Bedford, Lilly Havercroft, Vi Palin and Jean Warrell, who did us a great service by providing us, and the public, with all manner (pun not intended!) of rolls, cakes and cups of tea. Thanks also to David Whitmore’s son, Michael, who at very short notice volunteered to sell tickets at the door.

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