Meccano Model Exhibition 1991

Saturday 19 October 1991
Citizens’ Gallery

Saturday 19th October 1991 saw a complete change for our 13th annual Meccano Model Exhibition. We reverted to the autumn after two years in the spring and were in a new venue — the Citizens’ Gallery, Woolwich. October had tended to attract more visitors but the numbers had been dropping so a move to the spring was adopted. However, this produced poor results, hence the move back.

The Citizens’ Gallery was an attractive looking place with its plate glass window (it used to be a Co-op store), suspended ceiling, white walls and adjustable lighting. It was a great shame, therefore, that more club members did not attend. We were so light that an entire row of table had to be given over to John Longbon’s sale stand and the models were still spread out. Nevertheless, thank you to all of you who did attend with models.

We had about 300 visitors (numbers are only approximate because we were selling family tickets for the first time) which wasn’t too bad. Refreshments were provided by London Borough of Greenwich and that worked quite well.

Cutting from the <em>Mercury</em>, 31st October 1991
Cutting from the Mercury, 31st October 1991

Thank you to the following, for the following:

  • Ralph Laughton for printing posters.
  • Peter Clay for putting up posters in Woolwich.
  • Jim Arthur and Francis Paine for setting out tables etc. on the Friday afternoon.
  • Keith Patey for sorting out the rota and door.

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