Meccano Model Exhibition 1997

Saturday 18 October 1997
3rd Bromley Scouts Group Hall

There was a certain amount of trepidation before our annual exhibition — how suitable would the new venue be, and would anyone find it?! We needn’t have worried, though, because we had a good show of models and almost 200 visitors came to see it; one chap came all the way from Norfolk. The numbers are about the same as last year, but still well down on what we used to get.

I didn’t make any record of who was exhibiting (if I rely on memory someone will get left out so I’ll leave you all out!) but a good section of the membership attended, with a good range of models which happily filled all the available tables — and there was still room for four dealers!

The press were conspicuous by their absence. Perhaps Meccano is now old hat. One or two local papers did at least give us a free plug in the weeks prior to the exhibition which presumably helped to publicise it.

Thanks must go to Nigel Pope who arranged for the use of the hall with the 3rd Bromley Scouts and persuaded them to deliver a number of leaflets to nearby houses. The Scouts also provided the refreshments throughout the day.

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