Meccano Model Exhibition 1999

Saturday 30 October 1999
3rd Bromley Scouts Group Hall

Our annual Meccano exhibition was a bit later this year being on 30th October; the end of school half term. We were in the 3rd Bromley Scout Hall for the third year running as their own anniversary celebrations got in the way of our usual date.

The format was unchanged from previous years, to the extent that we had virtually the same twenty members (out of nearly sixty!) with models, but all the table space was completely filled. There were three dealers who, despite the much lower attendance of only 105 visitors, seemed to do a good trade.

We had a couple of local press photographers during the day, only one of whom announced his arrival, but I don’t remember seeing any pictures in his paper (The Leader, which is part of the Kentish Times) — something may have appeared in the Bromley edition. However, we had a reasonable spread in the Mercury. They printed my phone number, but I received only one call — from a chap selling some Meccano. No one phoned to join the club.

Cutting from the <em>Mercury</em>, 3rd November 1999
Cutting from the Mercury, 3rd November 1999

Thanks to: The few members who helped set up on the Friday night, and those who stayed behind afterwards to clear up; the Scouts who let us use the hall and provided the refreshments; Eddie Oatley who was the only non-SELMEC member to exhibit a model.

Models on Display

The following list is taken from the signing book which did the rounds during the day. If your name is not here it means you were missed out — sorry!

Jim Arthur — Super Models Leaflet № 4 block-setting crane; 12-car Ferris wheel; Several miniature engines.

Geoff Carter — Four Master Constructor models, several other set models (including centenary set crane in black/silver) and Roger le Roland’s 1898 Benz cyclecar.

Peter Clay — Orrery; Spirit of St Louis aeroplane; Baggage train; Butcher’s van; Motorbike; Overland vehicle; Rescue vehicle; Survival car.

Andrew CouzensTitanic liner; Small biplane; Dragster; Shado 2 Mobile; Truck and trailer.

John Cowdery — Articulated lorry; ‘Coxed pair’ — rowing men; Display of Meccano tins; Meccano car; Meccano speedboat.

Geoff Davison — San Francisco cable car; Artillery tractor and field gun; Car transporter with cars; Sports car.

Jim Ellicott — Manual hoist with gantry; Small tractor; Meccano aeroplane.

George Foard — Dealers’ big wheel; Bouncing ball novelty.

John Longbon — Ship (along with the spare parts).

Les Maher — Dockyard crane with grab; Tricycle — being tested by kids!

Eddie Oatley — 30 ton dockside crane; Weatherhill winding engine.

Don Overall — London NS bus with modified steering; Motorcycle; Small truck.

Francis Paine — Crane; Roundabout; Windmill; Seaplane; Tower Bridge; Tank; Battleship; Two Aeroplane Constructor models; Traction engine; Lorry; Beam engine; Helicopter; Two trams; Eiffel Tower; Big wheel; Small train; Several vintage outfits.

Keith Patey — Hockey ball game and derrick crane (from Supermodel).

Nigel Pope — BT Tower; Tower Bridge; Floating boat; Flying helicopter; Three clocks; Two guns; Three tanks; ‘Ask the Professor’ game; Jigsaw maker; Six motorbikes; Racing car; Two other cars; Lorry; Chinese compass; Walking dinosaur; Rock band; Windmill; Rocket; A selection of models made by Cubs and Scouts.

David Smithers— № 7 set windpump; № 7 set gas engine; № 5 set beam bridge — all motorised for visitor operation.

Len Spink — Big wheel with lights; Clock with pendulum; ‘Stop me and buy one’ Wall’s ice cream cart; Articulated lorry from French № 5 set.

Tim Surtell — Chocolate vending machine.

Chris Warrell — Steam excavator (Super Models Leaflet 19A) and mini block-setting crane.

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