Meccano Model Exhibition 2005

Saturday 15 October 2005
Eltham United Reformed Church

We had a very successful exhibition on October 15th 2005. There was a good show of models, and three of the exhibitors were visitors, so all available table space was filled.

Plans had to be changed at the last minute when dealer Mike Rhoades phoned in sick (in fact, both he and his wife were recovering from illness) and their new camper van was misbehaving. As it turned out there were more than enough models to fill the spare tables, and it meant that Dave Taylor had us all to himself! We also had a very successful raffle with three Meccano set prizes, held over from our auction earlier in the year.

Visitor numbers were down to probably our lowest ever with only a little over one hundred visitors – we still made a small profit, though. There’s no obvious reason for the low turnout; publicity was the same as it’s always been, and we had the usual free plugs in the main free newspapers. As you can see from the cutting below, we had a good write up in the News Shopper in the week following the exhibition, despite the incorrect caption for Adrian Ashford’s bus!

News Shopper article
News Shopper article

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