Royal Greenwich Get Together 2018

Saturday 30 June 2018
Royal Arsenal

The newly-rebranded Royal Greenwich Get Together was held this year on 30th June in the pedestrianised streets near the old Firepower Museum in the Royal Arsenal Riverside area, instead of on the field as in previous years.

The following members attended (apologies if I’ve left anything out — I’m doing this from memory):

  • Brian Leach: Dinosaur, as always roaring, walking and swishing its tail etc. to the delight of spectators; Mantel clock with Heath Robinson drive to the back; Snakes and Ladders game.
  • Brian Elvidge: Three-wheeled car with suspension; Tractor with tipping trailer (I think the former was based on a Märklin plan).
  • Chris Warrell: Othello game which several people played; Dalek; Bicycle; Humanoid robot; Submersible with manipulators.
  • Peter Clay: Baby Meccanograph. It produced designs but the breeze prevented them being displayed. We were given a gazebo, and it transpired later that we could have had side panels for it!
Our stand on № 1 Street
Our stand on № 1 Street
Our stand at the Royal Greenwich Get Together
Our stand at the Royal Greenwich Get Together

Our Make It With Meccano workshop had several children (and parents) involved.

The Make It With Meccano tables
The Make It With Meccano tables

On the whole a good day, and very hot. Although there were various stalls for food and drink etc. there were none of the attractions they had on previous years on the big field. However, there were wartime displays and a stirring marching band.

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