Vintage Hornby Train Show 2014

Saturday 3 May 2014
Welling Methodist Church

The annual Model Railway Exhibition in the Methodist Church Hall at Welling was held on 3rd May 2014. As before, on the stage, were members of SELMEC ‘flying the flag’ for the hobby and the club. This has become an annual fixture in recent years.

Model details are as follows:

Douglas Windibank

  • Single Deck Tramcar from the April 1932 issue of Meccano Magazine
  • Renault ‘F1’ Racing Car
  • Roadster with parts from the 1930s replica set
  • Tintin Seaplane
  • Red Arrows jet aircraft
  • Mini Bi-plane from a Marks & Spencer set
  • Radar Scanner
  • Cable car

A subsequent table shuffle allowed several more of Doug’s models to be displayed — unfortunately I don’t have details.

Doug with his models
Doug with his models

Tim Surtell

  • ‘The Lightning Leap’ challenge. Needs no introduction. Plenty of mugs — sorry, punters — found out just what a challenge this was, especially since Tim changes the shape of the ‘rod’ each showing! It was earning money for the Foal Farm charity. As it cost 2p to play and the prize of 10p wasn’t won once (at least I don’t think so) it did earn money. Tim had the good idea of removing panels from the towers later, so spectators could see the complex workings
  • Konkoly Spanish Knight on a rotating animated horse
  • Drilling Machine and Fret Saw — both manual models, interactive (ie. hand-operated!)
  • Maraca (only one, but it plays!)
  • Ice Cream Cart
  • Illuminating Semaphore Signal
Felicity Surtell ensures a visitor doesn’t cheat at Tim’s Lightening Leap!
Felicity Surtell ensures a visitor doesn’t cheat at Tim’s Lightening Leap!

Adrian Ashford

  • Saddletank Locomotive
  • Tugboat
  • Piano and Violin Duet, battery operated by pushbutton
  • Tractor powered by Magic Motor with model of Dinky ‘Halesowen’ harvest trailer (all in red and green)
Adrian’s model display
Adrian’s model display

Chris Warrell

  • Car and Caravan
  • Greenwich Time Ball
  • Dragster
  • Cable Car
  • Bride and Groom (namely, his daughter Emma and husband Tom who got married recently!)
  • 3 Daleks in red, yellow and black
  • Bicycle
  • Perrier Bottle ‘Meccaneau’
  • Mobile crane

Peter Clay

  • Meccanograph ‘Super Universal Design Maker’ churning out designs
  • Safari Car
  • ‘Huff-a Bolt’ game
  • Model of Hornby O-Gauge railway crane (in honour of the occasion)
Peter’s Meccanograph
Peter’s Meccanograph

The day went well. All credit must be given to Adrian who organised the whole show and had everything ready on stage before we arrived. I understand attendance was good. We had several Meccano visitors; I saw Frank Paine, George Foard, John Cowdery and Bryn Jones. If you were there and I haven’t mentioned you, please forgive me.

Our stand on the stage
Our stand on the stage

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