Woolwich Memorial Hospital Fete 1981

Sunday 2 August 1981
Woolwich Memorial Hospital

As you probably know we had a small show at the Woolwich Memorial Hospital fete recently. The model report that follows was written by Adrian Ashford who deputised for me in my absence. I, meanwhile, was pursuing another interest of mine!

Geoff Davison — Tractor and Hayrake (from the November 1952 issue of Meccano Magazine with modifications); Dumper Truck in Highway Multikit colours; Galactic War Chariot; Army Tractor; Field Gun built from Army parts with a French Meccano ‘Meccakit’ army cab, which is slightly different from the British one, used for the tractor cab, and a much modified version of Dr. Keith Cameron’s Ford Bronco Service Vehicle from, the Spring 1981 issue of Meccano Magazine.

Ray Thompson — Helicopter and Launching Pad of his own design.

John Adams — Automatic Lift — part of the Goods Warehouse from the January 1975 issue of Meccano Magazine Quarterly. This model was № 31 in the pre-war Super Model Leaflets published in 1929.

Stan Bedford — A Meccanograph to one of Andreas Konkoly’s numerous designs.

Adrian Ashford — Fire Engine and Pannier Tank Locomotive.

John Westwood — John was selling second hand Meccano. It looks as if he’s trying to work up a business in competition with Geoff Wright! He very kindly gave some of his profit to the hospital.

Last but not least, thanks are due to John Longbon who very kindly brought tables up from the hall where we have our meetings to the fete for us to put the models on and returned them afterwards.

My thanks to Adrian for ‘volunteering’ to compile the above list.

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