Level Luffing Port Crane

Built using one photo from Bert Love’s book as a guide, this crane is at the moment hand operated only, and will travel, slew and hoist, with a mechanical jib luffing.

March 2010

Later photos show an updated version of this model. It is completely hand-operated, and features newly developed bogie wheels and travelling mechanism, with everything else as described previously.

The model has its origins in 1931 and the instructions show narrow strips being used some 20 years before they went on sale — or did an artist simply do some retouching? We shall likely never know.


Hallo Ihr Lieben, wir brauchen eine Aufbauanleitung fur einen Kran von Euch. Haben Ihn Geschenkt bekommen ohne Anleitung. Schatze etwas alter schon. Danke, Schonen Tag Euch, Clem.

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