From a Special Editon set 0507.

I still have some problems to sort out with this model — for example, the driving wheels rotate on one side and not the other.


I have just made the kit with my 6 year old son. The problem with your model will be that there are two types of wheel — one with a hex hole and one with a round hole (as I remember). You must put the non-round holed wheels on the middle axle. I also had to remove one pair of the plastic grill panels as this caught the wheels. Good luck. Mike.

Hi… I am currently attempting to model Walschaerts locomotive valve action in Meccano based on a similar model from the web. The problem I am trying to overcome is a jerky action of the three drivers when turned. The main crank rod interconnects the three drivers but when turned through (say) 90, 180, 270 degrees there is a jerky/pause action at these points. I have used a mix of brass components to fabricate reasonable connecting rod journals without much free play. Has anybody had any luck in overcoming this problem? ? Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Blue

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