This model is from the № 1 Aeroplane Constructor kit produced from 1931 to 1941. This set dates from the late 1930s and is in need of restoration.

There was also a larger № 2 outfit. Both sets were interchangeable and could be used with regular Meccano. There were also the smaller 0 and 00 sets, but having smaller nuts and bolts, these were not compatible with the № 1 or № 2 aeroplane outfits or other Meccano.


Dear Chris, I was thrilled to see both the aeroplane models as I have often said to a fellow aviation enthusiast that my father bought me a Meccano model aircraft that bore a strong resemblance to the De Havilland DH 60 Moth and the later DH 82 Tiger Moth biplane. It must have been my Christmas present in 1941 and my model was camouflaged and I think that the propeller could be turned by a rubber band that was linked to a pulley on the end of the propeller shaft inside the fuselage with a pulley on the undercarriage axle. Sad to say that along with several other fine models — Dinky cars and aircraft etc. — I no longer have it. Incidentally was the blue model the subject of a recent postage stamp design? My aviation enthusiast friend showed me such a stamp the other day. This is how I came to search Meccano models on the website. Best Wishes, Brian.

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