Meccego LLC Enterprise

Reacting to commands from Starfleet, the crew of the Enterprise have travelled back in time through a temporal time warp, in order to secure a precious supply of a very rare commodity. The matter-anti-matter converters require the di-lithium crystals to be held in place with 5/32 Whitworth fixing devices that are no longer available in the 22nd century.

The crew have installed highly advanced computing equipment into a 1930s Level Luffing Crane, in order to automate the collection process for beaming the fixings to the waiting shuttle orbiting on the dark side of the moon.

This mission is so important that the crew have named the crane after their Starship.

Key Mission Dates

  • Meccano — invented 1899 (patented 1901).
  • Meccano Super Model № 35 Level Luffing Crane — released 1930.
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT controller and sensor motors — released 2006.
  • Crew of the Enterprise — graduated Starfleet Academy 2150.

The mission continues…

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