MECControl Demonstration

This is a demonstration board for my MECControl computer-control system. It let’s me easily demonstrate controlling several different devices simply by plugging jumper wires in where you can see the blue circles.

MECControl allows you to connect your Meccanoid devices, motors, LEDs and more to an Arduino/Genuino Uno, then control your devices directly via the USB serial port, using your own software, or using my intuitive language to control your devices from your Windows PC.

You can find out all about it at

The top breadboard contains an L298 H Bridge module for controlling motors and stepper motors (two motors and two stepper motors can be seen to the left of the board), and regulators for providing 5V and 12V DC power supplies.

The next board contains a potentiometer, inputs for the H Bridge module, three buttons (mounted to the blue backplate), and outputs to a chain of Meccanoid devices (these are the four servos and an LED module behind the breadboards).

The next board contains the heart of the system, an Arduino Uno microcontroller board. This is connected to a laptop computer via a USB port.

The final board contains a selection of uni-colour, tri-colour and full-colour LEDs, plus an ultrasonic distance sensor.

The second photo shows the same board at another SELMEC event.

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