Megatron Fairground Ride

‘Megatron’ the model was born from the dismantled skeleton of its predecessor the 'Witches Hat'. Upon dismantling the model I hit on the idea of making my new model — a ride that would soar above all of the fairground attractions and dominate the skyline much in the way that years ago ‘The Helter Skelter’ reigned supreme with only the ‘Ferris wheel’ to challenge its aerial supremacy at the fair.

I am always torn by the family day out to amusement parks because of my desire to try out each of the new exciting rides, but often being frustrated by my role as a grandparent to have to miss rides that were not suitable for my much younger grandchildren, or that left nowhere suitable for them to wait whilst I sought out my new white-knuckle experience. So I was determined to design something in keeping with the demands of today’s sophisticated thrill-seekers but at the same time ensure that it offered something for all ages and egos alike. A family friendly thrill ride! What if a ride could offer multiple experiences at the same time?

In my new design I decided to keep the rotating hat of the old model but re-designed it somewhat. Having already experienced the logistical transportation nightmare of the old model I redesigned the detachable arms reducing their size solely for ease of transportation, although I would prefer that the life-size model would sport the original full length to maximise the thrill factor it was designed to deliver. I also Liked much of the old tower making cosmetic changes and I mounted it on a new plinth-like base which I wanted to use to elevate the new model to its monument-like status at the fair.

With its elevated passenger mount and dismount platform, a staircase was needed and would be present in the life-size model but again due to the logistical issues in transporting and exhibiting the model the ride was not designed to it full planned height. I have added a novel elevator to the ride for the paying public to access the carriages and I would hope that again both stairs and the lift would feature in a full-size version.

Now with the full thrill ride experience addressed I turned my attention to the inclusive second attraction of the model which would target the younger members of the family and act almost as the cr? che or even basement sanctuary from the towering tornado of the ride above as it accelerates to storm like speeds. Finally when both rides are over and calmness restored, the exhilaration of each experience can be shared among family members all in one place.

‘Megatron’ — a place on earth where ‘David and Goliath’ both reign supreme!

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