Mobile Crane

Built for the January 2013 Secretary’s Challenge (Meccano Magazine model from month and year of your birth) I chose the mobile crane from the October 1954 Meccano Magazine.

It is in the style of a yard crane, whether based on any particular prototype I’m not sure (I’ve already looked at the Coles website), but has a nice half cab and a curved back.

The instructions say that it can be built from a 1950s set № 3. I have used an almost unused 1970s set № 5 to build this, but I’ve added a number of extra plates and strips to improve the appearance and a number of extra angle brackets for increased strength.

I’ve added bracing to the jib, used a pair of 3” pulleys for the turntable and changed the winding gear, substituting the crank handle and tin-plate road wheel for cranks made from Bush Wheels.

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