Motor Chassis

This model from Super Model Leaflet 1 is an icon of Meccano modelling. This version appeared around 1927 and is reproduced in the literature and Geoff Wright’s book of 1978.

My version of this model is modified, as I do not have the motor. I have used an E15R motor of post war vintage to power it.

It has a working clutch, three speed and reverse gearbox, Ackermann steering system, working transmission brake, differential gear, working internal expanding rear brakes, and suspension on all four wheels.

This model is one of the most difficult I have attempted so far; many issues arose in the construction, and most were solved to a certain extent.

The model raised on the stand works well, but its performance on the road is so far untested.


Hello Brian, Lovely model! I have watched it several times on YouTube to figure how things go as the instructions are not particularly good in certain areas. Did you have problems aligning the main gearbox input shaft as my clutch is not on centre causing massive amounts of undesirable friction through the gearbox? Many thanks, Rob.

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