NOEL Window Display

The letters in this Christmas window display are made from Meccano strips covered in green garland.

The whole display is suspended from Meccano girders covered in green garland running from left to right across the windows. These in turn are suspended by string from screw fixings placed out of sight at the top of the window frames.

Meccano parts also form the framework for the Georgian House atop the ‘L’, and are on show as part of the Toy Factory inside the ‘E’.

At night the letters are lit by 80 standard fairy lights, while concealed high-brightness white LEDs (which actually have a moonlight blue tint) highlight other aspects of the display including the snow falling on the Snowman inside the ‘O’. Four lamps inside the Georgian House illuminate its windows.

The Georgian House, Sleigh, Presents, and Toy Factory conveyor belt surface are all made from printed card, and all the snow is cotton wool covered in snow spray.

The Snowman has a sliver of carrot for a nose, pins for eyes, raisins for buttons, and a hand-knitted scarf.

Rudolph the Reindeer, formed from a wire frame covered in fabric from an old dog toy, has a red button for a nose and washers for eyes.


Hi! I am the lady u and your Mother met in the park on Boxing Day. Finally had a chance to take a look at this site. The Christmas window display is inspired; well done :-)

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