O Gauge V Tipper Wagon

I have long been a fan of railways, both real and model, but I have never built anything mildly railway related (apart from our funicular railway).

This little model is my representation of a ‘V’ tipper, typical of the type found on narrow gauge industrial lines. The frame is made by curving the middle section of two 5½” strips, leaving the end two holes straight, and then joining them with 7-hope strips overlapped by two holes. At this point, 3-hole, triangular pieces are bolted in at the same time to make the axle boxes. A 2” strip and a couple of angle brackets are used to make the strap.

The wheels are four black, steel/brass flanged wheels dating from the 1950s, while the tipper is built from black ‘Mission Universe’ parts and some ½” x ½” narrow brackets only found in a few recent sets.

The brake wheel is a Metallus/Marklin parts stood on a stack of small spacer washers.

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