Pair of Compasses

A flick through the English Meccano Magazine of February 1956 revealed a very appropriate article, that I had not noticed before, titled appropriately “Meccano to the Rescue!" The article describes several ways Meccano can be used to solve all sorts of problems, even when it comes to whipping egg whites to make meringue — You will have to read the article. The article continues, in that same 1950s Meccano Magazine style of writing, explaining that one of the schoolboys from the house of the meringue rescue has left his pair of compasses at school. As he needed a pair to complete his homework he immediately gathered some Meccano parts together and built his own.

Approaching midnight on the Friday before the SELMEC meeting here, at Laughton Towers, Meccano was also coming to the rescue. A swift pair of compasses were built and there within a few minutes it was done. I had my Secretary’s Challenge model!

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