Pontoon Crane

This model is taken from model 9.7 in the 1937–48 instruction manual for Set № 9. It’s making use of my built up blue/gold set.

The model is not quite complete with all the motions being hand operated. The model has been modified, most obviously by the use of my repro Geared Roller Bearing. The original model had a simple roller running directly on the deck plates, which have no support ribs of any kind. This would have scored the plates (not that they’re in great condition anyway) and would probably have resulted in a very bouncy superstructure!

I’ve added some (1978 dark blue) angle girders (with additional flat girders and some vertical supports creating a pair of portal frames under the GRB) and other bracing underneath to stiffen the deck.

I will probably motorize the raising and lowering of the hook, but I’ll leave the slewing and luffing hand operated to make the model more play-friendly at exhibitions.

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