Red Arrows Hawk Aircraft

From a Marks and Spencers set.


Hi Chris. My son has the complete set to make this Red Arrows aircraft, but has unfortunately lost the instructions. I have tried Meccano, but with no help. I was wondering if you would know where I could get the instructions. Many thanks, Janette Meakin.

My son has the same model as a pressie, I can photocopy and send to you, is that any help? Regards, Sally.

How do I get the copy of the plans to build the Red Arrows Hawk kit?

Hi Chris. My grandson has the Marks & Spencer Meccano Red Arrows Hawk construction set but has lost the instructions — do you have any idea where I can get a copy please?

It seems impossible to fit the smoked-glass canopy to this aircraft, as the cockpit is wider than the space available. I cannot see any mistakes I may have made in the construction. A flat topped canopy and a curved-top strip/plate seem irreconcilable. Where did I go wrong? (I have decided I do not like modern Meccano! )

Ask Sally to email me assembly instructions for Red Arrow Hawk please. My grandson has one but no building instructions.

Hi. Just take the nose off and then fit the canopy up inside and then re-attach the nose; that’s what I did and now it looks perfect. The only trouble I had was fitting the bar to attach the wings to the plane. And if you guys still need instructions I can send you a photocopy if you like? :) Regards, Anthony.

Hi I bought the set at a car boot sale today but the instructions weren’t in the box could I have a copy please? ?

Hi Chris! Same problem as Seth following car boot purchase. Can you help with instructions please ?

My son has just been given a red arrow set as a gift, however it has no instructions with it. I have looked on the Meccano website, but it isn’t on there, can you help?

Hi all, I also have this set but no instructions, would it be possible for someone to email them to me too please? Many thanks.

Hi Nick, you can download the instructions for this (and many other) model from the Meccano website: Enter either the keywords ‘red arrow’ or the serial number 833703. You should then be able to download a PDF file to print off or work from on-screen. Good luck with the build. Chris Fry.

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