Probably more correctly called a carousel, this model is a combination of two Meccano Magazine models, in the issues for February 1956, a non-outfit model, and a № 7 set model from March 1961.

It combines the 12½” square base and 2½” square centre column (reduced in height from 7½” to 5½”) from the 1956 model with the same size roundabout from the 1961 model. The horses are copies from this one too, albeit with 2” instead of 2½” legs, and I doubled the number from 4 to 8. Short couplings are used for the cranks to make the horses rise and fall, being set as closely as possible at 45 degrees to each other.

The centre bearing on which the model turns is a 4” Circular Plate bolted to the top of the centre column, around the edge of which run 1” Pulleys with Rubber Rings, forming rollers on which the model rotates. These are free to revolve on the shafts driving the horses. 15t Pinions on the ends of the shafts mesh with a stationery 50t Contrate in the centre. Just behind the rollers is a ring of 21/2” Zinc-plated Stepped Curved Strips, insulated from the 4” Plate by Elektrikit Fishplates, forming a slip-ring for the lights; electrical pick-up is from 2 1” Wiper Arms.

The model is driven by a powerful cylindrical motor which just fits in the 1½” deep base, and drives via a pulley and worm drive to a 95-tooth gear on the centre shaft.

Eight Meccano Elektrikit lamps provide illumination. Power comes from a Hammant & Morgan model railway controller, the controlled output being used for the motor, and one of the uncontrolled outputs for the lights.

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