Star Gazer Fairground Ride

My fifth fairground model, this freelance design resembles a huge radio telescope with its eight-armed rotating canopy resting in a large moving bridge at a 45° angle.

The Star Gazer can be operated at a fairly high speed. From its resting position it will slowly rise to the horizontal and then return to a 45° angle in the opposite direction.

The Meccano motor drives the unit from the main bridge, engaging a quadrant pinion fixed to the rotating hub and also supported by small wheels fitted in the main bridge for extra support and stability.

The eight cars or gondolas are easily loaded with riders from a second deck situated above the main deck, accessible via two sets of steps.

A ticket kiosk is situated at the base of the main tower and the whole model is enhanced with many colourful Meccano parts, arches, benches, lights and a flag.

Building the tilting bridge was very challenging. Due to its heavy weight it was difficult to operate and required lots of adjustment and balancing devices to achieve a smooth operation.

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