Steam Derrick

For the 2012 Henley Gathering we decided it would be good to incorporate one of our 1929 steam engines into a model. The SML 19 Excavator has been built so many times we thought it might be interesting to try something different. A flick through the steam engine instruction manual reveals a lot of very simplistic models and shows a picture of the steam version of the SML 6 Meccano Derrick that is normally powered by an electric motor.

The building instructions for the electric model are readily available but a steam version is a different matter. However, with help from several fellow modellers I was able to locate a couple of building references. The biggest problem is the gearbox for the luffing and winching. It is almost impossible to make out in the pictures shown in the Meccano Magazine article. I have now finally worked this out and the gearbox is complete, working and installed.

The model is front heavy and will need fitting to a baseboard. For now it is clamped to the table to prevent it tipping forward under load.

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