Automatic Slag Dumper

This might have been useful on a Friday night in my youth…

…but on closer inspection the ‘slag’ being referred to here is the waste generated during the process of coal mining. The model is an improved version of model 4.20 from the 1958 № 4 set manual. It was built as an entry in the Christmas Challenge (2016) that was run on the Spanner II mailing list, as it has been for several years now.

The main alterations have been made to the tipper to make it discharge its load to the side without covering the running gear and track with its load. Further modifications have bee made to the winding house roof and roof trusses have been added to both ends. The model is a lot sturdier than it looks, when finished, and works well.

Further details of the build and some detailed pictures can be found on our blog. The cord is my new ‘light’ version of RalphsString, available from our shop.

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