Supermarket Trolley

This model was built by Sue for the March 2010 Secretary’s Challenge, which was to use four of the least useful parts you own. This is a tall order as the most unused parts are not held in any number. Who owns four 19c, 6” pulley wheels? If I owned four of them they would be my choice.

A further examination of our stock of parts revealed that we had enough part 44s to complete the challenge. Part 44 was included in most sets and as a nipper I could not understand why is is such a strange shape — I am still not confident I know what it was originally intended for. It has been used here to support the wheels.

My first though was to build a container-handling vehicle. However, as is often the case in our household, Sue had other ideas and what you see here is the result; a representation of a supermarket trolley! Four of part 44 are used to support the wheels. These are fixed to 1” narrow strips to provide the caster effect. It is fairly realistic as the trolley is as hard to manoeuvre as the real thing!

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