The Cephalopod Mk II Fairground Ride

I built this model in November 2014, basing it on a popular fairground ride which was one of my favourites when I was a child in the annual funfair. I built two previous versions of this ride before, one quite some years ago which was a fairly basic design, and then a far superior model in 2007 I called ‘The Kraken’.

A Cephalopod is a sea creature of the molluscan class alike to the octopus with 8 tentacles.

This existing model was only exhibited once at the Runnymede’s meeting at the start of 2015 and had since sat idle in the garage until just recently when I contemplated dismantling it in favour of designing something new.

However, after some deliberation and with another Meccano exhibition date looming, I decided instead to give the model a facelift with a view to re-exhibiting at September’s SELMEC meeting.

The modification started with the complete removal of the vertically placed motor and gearing system which was fitted that way due to facilitate the engaging of a large pinion and toothed gear to rotate the 8 arms and its carriages, but I was never too keen on that system. I then refixed the unit in a horizontal position replacing the pinion with a large worm instead which did work well but was very slow, so unfortunately I decided to return the motor back to its original position but with new fittings.

The passenger boarding deck was modified and lowered by 2 inches and similarly the over large triangular canopy gave way to a smaller and lighter one. All of the arms were then adjusted in size to be able to reach the boarding deck in its lower position but in reality they need redesigning but with the exhibition date just around the corner and it being a very time consuming endeavour, I have put this modification on temporary hold.

Further modifications also took place including the end of the arms that support the carriages and then these too were also re-designed.

Two motors are employed to power the model?s two separate movements; one is the rotation of the ride and the other is for the up/down movement of the arms and carriages but both can be operated at once if desired.

With regard to improving the ease of transporting the model from home to exhibition and back, I added two pieces of wood that I bolted to the framework and two long wooden improvised handles.

First built in November 2014 and redesigned in September 2015.

The Cephalopod, when caught in the arms of this monster, even the bravest fear of letting go!

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