The Hypnotiser Fairground Ride

This is perhaps the most unusual Ferris Wheel in the world… I wanted to explore further another twist on the traditional fairground Ferris Wheel of yester-year and decided on joining two wheels, a slightly smaller one in front of the larger one. Four seater carriages adorn the larger and outer wheel and two seater carriages at the front inner and outer wheel.

The heavy rotating structure has a heavy-duty axle attached to a power unit, the same one I designed and employed for the Kraken. Four large pulleys with heavy-duty elastic bands drive the wheel. This unit had always worked well, but become nosier with age and perhaps the extra load of the new model. I added other power units with a reduction gearing system, but it still struggled to move the heavy wheel smoothly or at any great speed.

The wheel is designed to be detachable for transporting, so all front attachments are free-standing and removable so that it can be removed from its axle.

This three-dimensional wheel rotates faster than a conventional Ferris Wheel, with the passengers getting a choice on the level of thrill they wish to experience. Different mount points allow access to the carriage of choice and a stepped platform allows access to the higher wheel.

In operation, the ride has a very hypnotic effect to anyone looking on, drawing you in as it rotates spiralling round and round like a whirlpool sucking you in, and for the thrill-seeking passengers it is like being trapped in an ‘event horizon’ spiralling into certain doom before being sucked into the black hole in the centre.

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