The Kraken Fairground Ride

The Kraken (a legendary giant sea monster, many armed cephalopod looking like an octopus or squid) is the name that I have given to my latest Meccano model of my own design, built in November 2007.

It is based on the well-known Octopus ride. So popular in funfairs for many years, this ride is fixed in a permanent 45-degree angle and rotates while the eight arms move in an upward/downward fashion and each of the eight cars spin freely with the rides movements.

The eight rotating arms and structure rest on top of a tower, built in a large and heavy bridge that can tilt up and down to bring the ride to a 45-degree angle as in the original Octopus. A low-voltage motor and gearing system located at the end of the platform runs at a very low speed to provide the power for this movement.

A second motor powers the arms so that they swing up and down and rotate in the opposite direction. This was my greatest challenge, and I built many systems which all failed. I was frustrated and almost gave up, but at last devised a totally new design that could be accommodated inside the tower and be powerful enough to provide the power for this movement.

A third motor fixed on the bridge will drive the large quadrant pinion to rotate the ride.

I did encounter more problems in the building of this model (mainly with designing the driving motors, gears, pinions etc.) than I did in the building of the Spider Rider or Rotovator models.

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