The Mind Blaster Fairground Ride

Dismantling the big wheel Galacticus after the SELMEC 2017 exhibition was painful. It took me two days to undo most of its content, and I started the following day constructing my new model, as I needed it to be ready for the November 2017 meeting at the WLMS.

I pictured this model in my mind with some similarities to previous fairground models built during past years, however I wanted to be rather different in many ways and started by fixing a geared motor which I built for another model some time ago at the centre of two large flanged rings well supported in a tilting position, followed by some long angle girders to create a base and loading deck. A rotating structure followed shortly with eight arms and carriages placed at the centre of the motor final axle, but I decided to drive two 2” pulleys and elastic bands to two other 6” pulleys so should the motor stop suddenly the rotating unit will carry on moving without harming the heavy unit.

I modified and tried different configurations until the perfect one was achieved and the models was working to my satisfaction, then I started with the front entrance and arch at the right distance from the moving and swinging cars.

To have a light I came up with the idea of adding a curved arm on top of the arch holding a 6” wooden plate with a circular wall of flexible plates so the light will be concealed. I did also have to place this fixture in a position that will not interfere with the removing of the large and heavy rotating structure for transportation. I reinforced this arm so it is well secured to the arch. A few embellishments and signs were added with adverts for Meccano clubs and others.

It was a lot of work to build the eight cars so they could swing and not touch the loading base or any other part of the model and a few ideas were used until finally the best result came at the end.

The model resembles others built before but it has a unique look which makes it be totally different and interesting, mainly due to the shape and position of the cars, the light unit which has never been used before, and the shape of the arch and attached fittings.

It is a fast moving ride in its vertical position.


Muchas Felicidades Santiago, eres un maestro en la construccion de modelos de juegos de Feria con Meccano, desde que descubre algunos de tus modelos hace varios anos, no he dejado de admirar la creatividad y maestra que reflejan tus modelos. Nuevamente Felicidades. EDUARDO Castellanos, MECCANOMAN en Mexico. [Google translation: Many Congratulations Santiago, you are a teacher in the construction of fair game models with Meccano, since you discover some of your models several years ago, I have not stopped admiring the creativity and teacher that your models reflect. Congratulations again. EDUARDO Castellanos, MECCANOMAN in Mexico. ]

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