The Red Admiral Ship

Who would have thought when I decided to start the New Year trying out new models that I would have ended up with not one or two fairground rides but a whole fleet of Meccanoid ships instead?

I was always proud of the two previous ships I had made some time ago though they have remained moored in the back of my garage ever since, but I never thought I would go on all of a sudden to make three more.

The Storm Slayer was the first of these new additions, driven by the desire to create a hull of an imaginary that should be more curved than I had ever achieved before, which with Meccano is never easy.

The second came quickly after, from experimenting with creating different angles for a more yacht like hull and once again a full model was rapidly developed which I named the Barracuda.

It took three to four days in its construction and resulted in a much sleeker model but as small as it was it was just as pleasing.

I guess when I placed the two side-by-side, it felt like a middle piece was missing to complete the collection and though that was the main reason to do it, a third ship model was getting started almost as quickly as I thought of it.

Once more I wanted the hull to be different again from the other two and it didn’t take too long before a new body emerged that I was happy with, and I went through the typical pattern of getting my head down to just get it finished and the completion took seven days from when I got started.

Being more medium sized it sits well in the middle of the other two, sharing some similarities with the first one, and the same deep red sails material was used for all three, and it left me thinking about the option of pulling out my other two garaged moored vessels The Wrath of Tides and The Phantom and re-fitting them with red sails too, so I could kind of assemble a full battalion, but before I commit to that idea I have to decide whether I have finished my vessel fuelled mission or if I still plan to make just one more.

I don’t know if that ship has now sailed, but this one is about to, and it’s joining its family of brothers.


Did you have any of your magnificent sailing ships on the yaw, pitch, roll Meccano Ocean Movement machine? If so, I would appreciate a photo or video as I want to duplicate your Red Admiral ship and put it on the wave machine for my grandchildren. Thanks for your time. -Robert

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