The Revolution Mk II Fairground Ride

This model of a Ferris Wheel was built in 2015 and displayed at the South East London Meccano club on the 28th of March and then later at the West London Meccano Society on the 13th of June. Due to its size, mainly its diameter, it was always difficult to transport in my car and it was damaged on two occasions at both meetings.

I took the decision to redesign the model by removing all the 32 flanged sectors which were fitted in an upright position to decrease its overall diameter, so after many modifications to many of the supporting strips and fittings I decided to fit these sectors horizontally so I could gain at least a few inches to fit easier in the car.

I was pleased as the look of the model improved to my liking and the transportation problem was sorted out.

All the supporting fittings in the eight cars and eight seats were also changed for the reduced new space created.

A few triangular flexible plates were also fitted on each arm as decoration.

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