The Rotorvator Fairground Ride

This is a Swing-boats Fairground Ride of my own design with two swinging arms rotating in the opposite directions. It was at the back of my mind for some time, but I had to wait for the previous one, “The Spider Rider”, to be dismantled before I was able to start on this new design.

The size of the tower determined the size of the arms and the cars. A heavy duty rod and fittings were used to fix one arm to the main body, the other using a conventional thinner axle. Using two gears (part № 31), I was able to achieve the reciprocal movement, and using three more of these gears provided extra support to the whole assembly; a second tower at the back provided the extra support needed.

To hide the wires a copper tube was used, and three low voltage transformer lights illuminate the inside of the motor and gearing system. Two hinged doors for access, embellishments, steps, kiosk and other details give the model an attractive look.


Hi, James. Thanks for telling me the website for your club. I have looked through your models and they are very impressive instead. Every single one is colourful and functional. I assume you created these models with your own mind — not following any instructions. You must have a lot of spare parts and your experience in building Meccano must be extensive! !! By the way, I forgot to ask how many years you have been building Meccano models and your profession. Are you an engineer? It really amazes me how people like you can create such detailed and innovative models! !! ?? ? Extremely impressive indeed and you deserve the trophy! !! Kind regards Raymond (P. S. I am really inspired by your creation! !! Hopefully one day, I can create something like this — take years! !! )

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