The Twin Spinner Fairground Ride

A fairground model of two rotating arms holding two separate carriages which emerged from my 2012 Wave Rider model.

Needing parts for the three new models I have built so far in 2013, I was slowly dismantling many parts and finally decided to produce this new model, using the existing base and tower which I modified heavily, with new wheel arches, a changed base now supporting a large platform for the two large carriages, and a tower reduced to half its original size.

The motor was placed in the centre instead, driving sprocket chains and gears to rotate both the newly designed arms. I wanted to make it simple, however in order to provide it with some lights, I decided to build a large canopy where I fitted three transformer-driven lights.

I have mainly used deep blue Meccano parts along with some red/yellow and have added steps, a kiosk and a few minor details.

Eight large wheels in four wheel arches made the model easier to move and have an additional feature of a braking system to stop the model moving when desired.

The two boats have been placed slightly higher to compensate for when it rocks to avoid them hitting the platform floor.

In 2014 this model was displayed in the film Paddington along with two of my other models.

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