The Vortex Fairground Ride

This model is developed further from my previous models, the Kraken and the Octopus, and is very popular in fun fairs and amusement parks.

What is new and larger is the rotating canopy having new and bigger cars, hanging down from the eight arms instead of being mounted on top as before. The up/down movements of the arms are no longer in use as they are now fixed in a permanent position. The power unit inside the main tower is still in operation and rotates a plate mounted at the very top of the central spindle with the name of the Vortex printed on it.

The base and underneath have been changed, with fewer parts to reduce weight, and the power unit at the rear end used to the lift the bridge has been removed, making the model shorter by over six inches. This unit is now placed underneath the base as the supporting legs have been increased in size by three inches.

A new skirting going all the way around conceals wiring, lights etc.

The original power unit which rotates the ride has been removed due to the extra weight of the canopy and a new unit has been built and fixed to one side of the bridge. This gives a very smooth and fast movement, to my surprise.

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