Titan Fairground Ride

After constructing my previous model Megatron which was up until now, one of my largest, I was left feeling like something more. Despite its huge size and operating circumference I still felt like an opportunity to show off its full potential was not really realised. Perhaps this was partly due to the limiting constraints of exhibiting where all too often space was lacking and he health and safety of the visiting public restricted much of all I wanted to achieve. Megatron was certainly massive but I was determined to make a model freed of its shackles and for once I decided to make my model all it could be.

From this idea came ‘Titan’, the would-be mothership to her legions of amusement park ‘Megatronic army’. Where Megatron was the mission programmed sentinel designed to serve her master, Titan would be the uninhibited rampaging monster in all her untamed glory.

So with this concept in mind, I thought about how I would make my new model command attention, make people stand back and even get out of its way!

Titan climbed out of its confined Megatron predecessor prison cell framework like a beast from its shell, a metamorphosis that saw it emerge larger, heavier, taller and far more furious.

The existing tower boasts an increased height of 2” and sports new supports to support the modified rotating structure that sits on top. A complete redesigned unit now with the addition of eight sprawling limbs that hold eight curved, just as long, legs where new passenger cars are fixed that imprison their riders to be tossed around like skittles in the face of a cannonball. Each of the legs are about 1m in length and at full operating speed the ride’s passenger vehicles spread outwards to about 3m in diameter. Of course due to the limited space and to avoid spreading fear and panic among visitors, idle speed will be used to keep tamed the nature of the demonic beast and to demonstrate the functioning operation of the ride, but at certain moments when the public can be safely kept at bay without fear of upsetting their bodily functions, the Titan will be let off its leach to demonstrate its full ability at full speed and stamp her reign over her legions as rightful queen.

So far the Titan has managed to surpass the puny efforts of some motors to cope with her colossal weight and operational needs but at full speed she has so far operated effortlessly and with fault with her weight spreading evenly and her motor and gearing system working in harmony just as it did in her duty bound legion, ‘The Megaton’.

Titan’s base also boasts a modified height increase of 6” so the model now standing at over 6’ from the ground and more than 8’ up when display on exhibition tables, truly reigns supreme as something not to be messed with.

The cars that freely swivel at the end of the eight legs are easily detachable for safe transporting. The arms of the canopy are fixed with additional axles and collars and the rotating hub, but the tower itself is fixed to the base is as one single unit, meaning the model is transported in three component sections and eight separate arms and cars.

With only the passenger loading bay left to design, which was elevated a full 0.5m up from the ground, it was a complicated challenge to build anything that looked practical and aesthetic complimenting to do the desired job that the model deserved.

However after racking my mind with countless possibilities I started work on its construction and much as the Titan evolved out of Megatron shell, a solution tarted to evolve and by the time I had completed it I was delighted that the loading bay and passenger access to the ride resulted in enhancing the model beautifully.

Two sets of strip lighting help illuminate the model.

Titan: A monster of a ride. Come, prepare for your reaping!

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