Tornborg Tower Crane Mark 4

This model is a much improved version of this model, which was last shown in 2002, constructed with the help of new information and photographs.

It features the characteristic jack-knife jib luffing motion, using cords and a length of copper wire, from the yoke to the crest, and a two-section jib about a metre long, which has been totally re-worked. The hook is single-strung, as many of these cranes were, but can be converted to a dual-string if desired.

This version uses a new part for the slewing ring — it is a 4” toothed disc of 20DP from Dave Taylor and uses a matching pinion to drive it.

An EM1 motor drives all the functions through a simple gearbox and hand-control levers.

It stands around 2m tall on its base, when set on a table.

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